Glacier Valley Clubhouse—a BIG hit!

The Valley Clubhouse at the Glacier Club in Durango, Colorado is a big hit for events, impromptu casual dining and a launching pad for the Glacier Valley Golf Course. Bauen Group, LLC Architecture & Design Studio designed a mountain contemporary facility that is in context with its surroundings. Thomas W. Umbhau, AIA, principal at Bauen Group and in charge of design and creative direction created a contemporary piece of architecture that is a perfect fit for the area. The recreated ‘interior mineshaft’ is a great detail and nod to the mining history of the area.

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Glacier Mountain Clubhouse Renovation—Dining Inside-Outside

Bauen Group, LLC worked with Glacier Club ownership and Madeen Interior Design to renovate The Mountain Clubhouse at the Glacier Club in Durango, Colorado. The centerpiece of the renovation was the addition of a large solarium that extends the main dining area. When sitting in the solarium with its glass walls and roof, you are inside and outside at the same time—wonderful ambience. Also added was a large private dining room and wine room.

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